7 Benefits of Meditation

7 Benefits of Meditation

March 01, 2018

The word meditation has to come to mean many things, to many different people in recent years. For some, it is simply thinking or daydreaming – for other meanwhile (and us) it is a specific activity, with clear practices and aims. Meditation is free from any religion and it involves just a few simple steps.

At Eyes of India, we practice what has become known as 'Concentration Meditation' This type of meditation involves sitting or lying down, focussing on a specific point. The specific point could be breathing, the flame of a candle or almost any object. All other thoughts are cast aside. Each time a thought comes back into your head, re-focus again on the object and rather than letting your brain think – you simply let the thoughts fade away.

Start by sitting comfortably, tune in to each and every breath you take. Pay attention to how it feels to inhale from your nose and back out again. With each breath you take, let go of stresses and strains of the day – when repeated, and if your mind wanders, just return to concentrating on your breath again.

Whilst this is just the approach that works for us, we must stress that meditation is completely individual – and what works for some people, wont for others. We will aim to cover different types of meditation on this blog, as time progresses.

Benefits of Meditation

Reduce Stress Levels

In today's hectic modern world, with laptops, mobile phones, computers, social media & TV – it's very easy to let life overwhelm you, becoming stressed in everyday life. Meditation, quite rightfully has an excellent reputation for reducing stress levels – taking the time out to concentrate on something very simple, getting away from the technology which hounds us is incredibly beneficial.

Numerous studies have shown that meditation leads to an improved ability to regulate emotions in the brain. This has a drastic effect, empowering people to leave their stress behind.

Reduce Anxiety

The less stressed you are, the less anxious you will become. Meditation helps banish thoughts of self-doubt and paranoia, cleansing your mind from what often are very trivial concerns which build up and build up in our minds.

Increase your Immunity

Now this is really powerful stuff. A study at the Ohio State University showed that muscular relaxation, practiced daily – reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence. A further study carried out showed that relaxation exercises boosted immunity in old people, increasing their resistance to tumours and viruses.

Increase your Fertility

A study carried out at the University of Western Australia showed that women are more likely to conceive during periods when they are relaxed, not stressed.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Harvard Medical School carried out a study in which meditation lowered blood pressure – through lowering the response to stress hormones. This worked in a similar way to prescribed blood pressure lowering medication.

Meditation is Anti-Inflammatory

Much in the same way that meditation can lower blood pressure, it also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. A study from Emory University helped prevent and treat inflammatory conditions by eliminating the stress response.


Returning to the ‘state of mind’ benefits that meditation brings, calmness is by far the most important benefit for many people. For those who do not meditate, bad thoughts can stew and simmer on our minds – making us tense and preventing sleep. For those who meditate however, negative thoughts are simply allowed to disappear, and are cast aside as one concentrates on their breathing, or a specific point – leaving the mind.

Meditation & Eyes of India

If you hadn't guessed already, at Eyes of India we are huge fans of meditation and as such, this has allowed us to source and supply a fantastic range of products which are perfect for meditation. Whether it's extra comfortable floor cushions to provide the perfect place to sit, tapestries to adorn the walls of your meditation space, or ornaments and wall decorations to help you concentrate – we provide it all.

In providing the perfect place for you to meditate, you can free yourself of all distractions.

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