Kantha Quilts: History, Favorites & Best Sellers

Kantha Quilts: History, Favorites & Best Sellers

February 18, 2018

At Eyes of India, we are very proud to source, stock and supply a range of handmade Kantha Quilts & Throws - all of which have been handmade in Bengal. These products are some of our personal favorites, and we wanted to create an article which looks at some of these stunning pieces in greater detail.

What's the history & meaning behind Kantha?

Kantha can be loosely translated into the word 'rags'. Traditionally, Bengali women would have collected discarded cloth and off cuts and sew them together, to create a quilt made from scraps of materials and rags! Although today, Kantha Quilts add an element of boho design and luxury into any home, in years gone by - these rugs were created by poorer families to simply keep warm.

Kantha has always been more than just about keeping warm, to the Bengali women who produced them for family, themselves and loved ones - Kantha has been a form of self-expression, and the old cloth which makes up Kantha quilts is said to keep the user safe from harm.

Increasingly, Bengali Women also used Kantha's to tell stories. Many of these stories represent day to day rural scenes - and include animals, fish, countryside and folk scenes. Today, the art and skill of Kantha is world renowned, and the craft is value all over the world.

Eyes of India & Kantha

At Eyes of India, we work closely with artisans across Bengal who continue today to create stunning Kantha quilts & throws, using traditional methods - and scraps of cloth and materials. Working with the artisans in this way, we ensure that they receive a fair price for their goods and skills - helping protect this key, rural industry.


Below, we run through a couple of our favorite, and best-selling Kantha Quilts:

Colorful Kantha Quilt - 60 X 90

This Kantha Quilt has been hand stitched and created using carefully chosen Sari Cloths. It's double quilted and is delivered to your door, straight from West Bengal. It's the perfect addition to any home and is completely unique.

Blue Kantha Quilt

This Blue Kantha Quilt is one of our best sellers, and is handmade in traditional methods in West Bengal.

Kantha Quilts at Eyes of India

If you are interested in our range of Kantha Quilts, you can view the full range here.

Alternatively, you can get in touch if you have any questions about the range.

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