Create the Perfect Bohemian Conservatory Space

Create the Perfect Bohemian Conservatory Space

February 04, 2018

Conservatories, attached to many homes make the perfect bridge between your outside garden space, and inside your home. Sitting, relaxing in a conservatory, you can almost feel like you are sat outside, whilst being protected from all of the elements!

Traditionally used to add extra living space into a property, conservatories have long suffered from being seen only as functional spaces, not spaces to enjoy and decorate. Today, this is not the case and we speak to many customers who use their conservatory year round, as their chosen room to relax, unwind and entertain. 

To help you achieve a dream Bohemian Conservatory space, we have put this article together which covers the steps you can take to create your dream bohemian space.

Add Houseplants & Climbers

As soon as you mention conservatories and plants in the same sentence, the mind of a plant lover heads straight to exotic plants and climbers, in Victorian greenhouses and conservatories which feature beautiful glass roofs, with cast iron structures.

Of course, it's likely that your conservatory is a little smaller, and a little less grand that some of the earliest examples of cast iron conservatories, but the good news is – you can still choose plants that make your conservatory space look beautiful. Whilst it can be tempting to go down the route of the most exotic plants you can find, we believe that just a handful of trees and shrubs – which can survive cold weather (think heating bills during the winter months) suffices.

The perfect climber is bougainvillea, which looks excellent on an interior wall of a conservatory. It holds up well to both the hot summer and cold winter in the conservatory, and can even survive if you occasionally forget to water it.

Make it Comfy

It's no use having a beautiful conservatory, if you can't get comfortable enough to spend any time in there. Big sofas work well in conservatories if space permits, and we much prefer more comfortable seating options opposed to the retro rattan style furniture which we find incredibly uncomfortable. If you don't fancy a sofa, then deckchairs and quirky furniture works really well.

Either way, once you have decided on your furniture – make sure it ties in well with the theme you are trying to create. Layer cushions on sofas and chairs, and use tapestries as throws to help create a stunning, natural interior which draws in a whole host of colors and styles.

Use Tapestries for Decoration

At Eyes of India, we are always banging on about how versatile tapestries are and this certainly applies to when they are used in conservatories. Hung from the ceiling, on an exposed wall, over furniture or simply as a blanket – they inject color, nature, patterns and culture into any conservatory space. We always love to see them used as a backdrop against furniture, creating the perfect focal point for your Boho space.

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

Rugs are the perfect floor covering for conservatories, as well as providing warmth, floor protection and style – they also inject an amazing amount of color into the room – perfectly ‘clashing’ with tapestries, flowers, plants and cushions. Jute Rugs are by far our favorite rug to use in conservatories. Made completely from natural fibres, they tie in perfectly with the boho theme of your conservatory.

Add Floor Seating

If you are looking to create the ultimate Boho Conservatory, then Floor Seating is a must. Floor Pillows are the easiest and most beautiful way to create floor seating. Whether you want to use these floor pillows and cushions for meditating, or socialising – we have the perfect style for any conservatory space.

If you have any questions, tips or hints about how to create the perfect Boho Conservatory space – please get in touch or comment below.

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