The Toran: Their Importance, History & Buying Guide

The Toran: Their Importance, History & Buying Guide

January 26, 2018

In Indian culture & history, the entrance to a home is incredibly important. It’s the batter between the outside polluted world and the pure interior of your home.

Not only does the entrance to the house bring in the energy from the outside, but there's also a number of entrance architecture do's and don'ts based on long running superstitions.

For example, it's believed that a property facing the South West as its entry brings in struggles and misfortunes. It's also recommend that at the entrance of the property, there is a statue or a picture of Ganesha. Furthermore, the total number of windows and doors in your property, should also be of an equal number. It’s recommended that the doors in your home face East, North and North East. All of these recommendations come from Vastu, which is a traditional Hindu system of architecture.

Toran History

The word Toran stems from the Sanskrit word ‘Torana’ which loosely translates to pass. The earliest Torans were used in Buddhist architecture, and refers to a sacred gateway. Before the beautifully designed Torans of today were created a range of natural Toran's were used. Mango leaves were often used in Southern India, whilst in Northern India Marigold flowers were spun and were featured over the doorways of most homes.

Toran Importance

One of the most important things about Toran's is that they look fantastic, and as a decoration for your home – they are unequalled. Culturally, they are used to attract the Indian Goddess of wealth & money –Lakshmiji. Often, Torans are green – representing when they were once made out of mango leaves, which were thought to absorb all of the polluted air around them, whilst circulating oxygen in the home. The color green, is also often chosen because of its calming nature – ridding your home of anxiety and stress.


Toran's Available Today

Today, Toran's are available in lively colors, printed and dyed on rich fabrics which look fantastic. These pieces shower your home with all of the luck and positivity you will ever need. At, we stock and supply a fantastic range of Torans – all of which have been handmade by Artisans in India. Supporting the artisans in their work, you can rest assured that your purchase goes some way to ensuring that their craft continues to flourish. As these Torans are all completely handmade, each piece is truly unique. Below, we will run through a couple of our best sellers:

Green Toran

This Green Toran uses patchworks of beautiful Indian fabrics which originated on wedding dresses and vintage saris. This material is brought together by elaborate stitching to bring color, luck and joy to any window or door. It's been handmade in Barmer, a small artisan city near the Indian Pakistan border. 

Yellow Toran

This Yellow Toran, again uses the finest vintage fabrics and materials from wedding dresses and saris to create a truly stunning piece. The bright colors used across this Toran, make it ideal for brightening up entrances to rooms as well as window spaces.

If you have any questions about our range of Torans, just get in touch and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can view the complete range here.

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