Floral Door Knobs: Massive Range from Eyes of India

Floral Door Knobs: Massive Range from Eyes of India

January 10, 2018

Over the centuries, all over the world flowers have been used to decorate both gardens and the home interiors. Not only have flowers been used to decorate spaces, they have made their way onto a wide range of interior design products including bedding, throws, cushions and door knobs.

In many contemporary and traditional interiors, flowers play an important role in interior design, illustrating perfectly how they can be incorporated into almost any room style. They are perfect when mixed and matched, clashing brilliantly with one another to add an abundance of flower designs.

Flowers play an important part of our product range here at Eyes of India and we are particularly proud of our range of Floral Door Knobs. All of the flower patterns are hand painted on a ceramic base. They are an excellent addition to any home, and look equally at home when used on vintage, antique furniture as they do on contemporary furniture, in need of some Boho flair. Below, we run through some of our personal favorite designs.

Orange Floral Door Knobs

This range of Floral Door Knobs, most of which incorporate orange are the perfect solution to updating tired furniture in the home. Shaped in the design of a flower, these door knobs run through a meticulous process which means that no two pieces are exactly the same. Firstly, green glass, quarts, gum, salt and fullers earth is mixed to form an Egyptian clay. This clay is then glazed using small furnaces, to a point in which beautiful designs can be hand painted onto it.

There's over 15 designs to choose from in this collection alone.

Embossed Floral Door Knobs

Painstakingly handmade in India, by craftsmen who have learnt their trade through generations this etched/embossed floral door knob features a stunning flower design, which has been hand carved into Egyptian Clay. This doorknob is the perfect cure to any old, tired furniture in need of a refresh.

Colorful Floral Door Knobs

Gaining five star reviews from our customers, this range is by far the brightest and boldest set of floral door knobs we supply. There are a stunning range of designs available, using bright, vivid and bold colors which inexpensively and quickly transforms the look and feel of your home's furniture. As well as floral designs, sweeping branches and leaves feature heavily within this collection, helping bring nature into your home.

Shabby Chic Floral Door Knobs

This is perhaps our most eclectic collection of Floral Door Knobs. Each piece within the collection is totally unique and is the result of a meticulous process which guarantees products of the highest quality. In this collection you will find, leaves, bugs, butterflies, flowers in a range of different colors and patterns, all of which have been hand painted on a ceramic knob.

Red & Blue Floral Door Knob

This striking red & blue door knob features a stunning blue and red design, which incorporates leaves, flowers and branches. Fully representing the beauty of nature, it's the perfect product to add into any style of home interior.

Floral Knobs at Eyes of India

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