Five Bohemian Products every Beautiful Home Needs

Five Bohemian Products every Beautiful Home Needs

January 16, 2018

A Bohemian style is one many people try to create in their homes, and for good reason. There's no other style of interior design which allows you to blend so many products, colors, fabrics and materials which don't even have to match with one another. This vibrant type of interior also creates a wonderful ambience, and tells visitors to your home, so much about outlook on life. Furthermore, each bohemian piece in your home tells a story, whilst creating a fantastic focal point for all to admire. So whether you want to create an intimate boho bedroom, or a beautiful bohemian living room we show you how to achieve the look with just a few product types.


Tapestries are some of the most versatile Boho products on the market. Each Tapestry is handmade by Artisans in India, who specialise only in making fabric wall hangings. As well as being a fantastic way to brighten up a bare wall, they can also used as a sofa throw, a picnic blankets or even bedding. The large designs featured on tapestries, allow you to fully appreciate the hard work and skill which goes into each and every piece, which is completely unique.

Floor Cushions

Floor Cushions, as well as providing comfortable, relaxed seating areas which perfectly suit your chilled out interior, also add an important design element into a room. Brightly colored and decorated with the finest Indian fabrics and materials they are another important weapon in your arsenal against bleak, drab interiors. Poufs & Ottomans also have the same effect.


Originating from Jaipur, there are a fantastic range of Indian, Bohemian Rugs available which not only protect your floor but also look fantastic. There are a range to choose from, including: Chindi Rug and Jute Rugs. Jute Rugs are our personal favorite, made from the natural grass like plant of Jute they add important texture to any room. Environmentally friendly, these rugs are all handmade by Artisans.

Pillows & Cushions

If you are looking to add texture and color into any room, then decorative pillows and cushions are a must. Available in an almost unlimited array of patterns, fabrics and colors they are perfect layered up on sofas, on dining room chairs, outside or stacked up on a bed.

Knobs, Hooks & Handles

Our range of Knobs, Hooks & Handles are the perfect remedy to old furniture, kitchens and doors. Instantly upgrading to them to classy piece of boho furniture again there's a massive range to choose from. Ceramic Knobs & Brass Knobs are our personal favorites.

Boho Products from Eyes of India

At Eyes of India, we have travelled across India to meet Artisans and craftsmen across the country working with these craftsmen exclusively, we bring to market a range of Bohemian products which have all been handmade, and all of which are truly unique. When purchasing from the range of products, you can also purchase comfortably, knowing that you are helping protect the textiles, and craft industry in India.

To view the full range, visit eyesofindia.

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