Different Ways to Use Your Boho Tapestry

Different Ways to Use Your Boho Tapestry

January 01, 2018

Whenever we talk about Tapestries here at Eyes of India, we usually include the word Versatile. All of our tapestries truly are some of the most versatile products we sell, and have multiple different uses across the home. Wherever they are used, one thing is guaranteed they brighten up the entire room, creating a stunning focal point.

In this article, we put our money where our mouth is and give you a number of different ways to use these beautiful pieces of Indian design. Some you will have thought of, others you may not have.

Bedding & Bedspreads

Tapestries make the ideal bedspreads, available in a range of sizes to cover single, double and king size beds they inject color into a bedroom, making it the ideal boho retreat after a long day.

Sofa Throws

Tapestries are the perfect way to cover up old sofas, you have fallen out of love with. Whether it's a tapestry over the back cushions, or wrapped around the cushions you sit on tapestries provide color, style and culture a world away from that drab, plain sofa.


Got a tired old table in your home which needs brightening up? Simply cover it with a tapestry. There are round and rectangular designs available, meaning almost any table can be covered with ease.

Picnic Blankets & Beach Towels

Tapestries are the perfect alternative to traditional picnic blankets & beach towels. Lightweight, and easy to pack they provide the ideal place for you and your friends to lay down, sit down, and sit around whether you are picnicking, or sunbathing.

As a piece of Art

You can mount your tapestry on a piece of plywood or canvas, to transform it from a wall hanging - into a framed tapestry which wouldn't look out of place in the finest of galleries.

At Weddings & Special Occasions

Tapestries, when hung up make the perfect backdrop for weddings and special occasions. Their vibrant patterns, colors and history make them the perfect decoration for everything from birthdays, to weddings, to christenings.

Just on the Wall

Last but not least, you can just hang your tapestry on the wall just like it was designed for! Once you have picked out your perfect tapestry from our range, its then up to you to decide how to hang it. We have seen customers cut hole in the tapestry, before hanging on a curtain pole which looks excellent. Equally, many of our customers in rented accommodation choose to use Velcro to hang their tapestry on the wall - avoiding the need for any holes in the wall.

Boho Tapestries at Eyes of India

At Eyes of India, we are proud to stock a massive range of Bohemian Tapestries, all of which have been handcrafted in India, by artisans who have learnt their skills through generations. You can view the full range here

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