Rag Rugs from Eyes of India: Best Sellers & Personal Favourites

Rag Rugs from Eyes of India: Best Sellers & Personal Favourites

December 06, 2017

Rag Rugs are some of the most unique pieces we sell here at Eyes of India, handcrafted in India, using the best, and traditional methods – they are created by combining scraps of fabric together. The wide range of fabrics in use (think of all the cut offs from All the products we sell), ensure that every single Chindi Rag Rug is completely unique, and boasts vibrant, bright and colors which really inject color into any room.

In purchasing one of our Rag Rugs, you are helping protect the small, artisan textile industry in India – whilst protecting the environment in choosing a product made from recycled materials. Talk about feel-good!

Below, we run through some of our favorite Rag Rugs from the collection. The rugs have been named below, according to the color they feature most heavily – but all rugs combine numerous color and color patterns.

Green Rag Rug

This Rag Rug features beautiful green accents running through it, horizontally. It's been made using leftover fabric and is every bit as luxurious as it is sustainable.

Orange Rag Rug

This Rag Rug heavily features Orange, which is a fantastic, warm and comforting color when added to the home. This rug is excellent when used across the home and provides an excellent level of floor protection in high traffic areas. It also makes an excellent conversation piece, with its unique design and materials.

Yellow Rag Rug

This Yellow Rag Rug is one of the bestselling from the collection, handmade in Jaipur it's a stunning piece to add to any room. At the time of writing this piece, there was just one left!

Red Rag Rug

Red is a color which represents passion and flair, something which this rug has in abundance. Reds mix with Burgundy colors to make an incredibly rich, warm and comforting piece.

Rag Rugs at Eyes of India

Working closely with the artisan designers and manufacturers of these rugs, there are always new designs entering stock. Depending upon which materials are available, fresh colors and unique materials are always used – guaranteeing a truly unique product which you can be proud to showcase in your home. All are made with utmost care and attention in Jaipur, India.

As well as an excellent range of rag rugs, we also supply everything you need to build your perfect Boho interior – including Tapestries, Wall Hangings, Pillows, Floor Cushions as well as Bedding and Throws and of course… Rugs!

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