Boho Floor Cushions & Poufs: Add Style & Comfort into your home

Boho Floor Cushions & Poufs: Add Style & Comfort into your home

December 19, 2017

If you are looking to add both style and comfort into your home, then large floor cushions & poufs could be the only products you will ever need. These incredibly comfy cushions are perfect for almost any space in your home and have been used by our customers to create everything from reading rooms, meditation corners, home cinema seating, extra emergency seating for guests or simply a stylish way to fill an empty space. One of our personal favorite uses of floor seating and cushions, is as a relaxed and informal

All of these cushions work best in relaxed, eclectic bohemian interiors. However, because these pieces are all handmade in India, by artisans who have learnt their craft through generations they are unique enough to complement any interior adding depth and culture, becoming a talking point in no time at all. There's hundreds of different designs and color combinations available, and in browsing the range, you will quickly fall in love with some of the designs.

Below, we run through some of our personal favorite Poufs & Floor Cushions from within the range. Please note, all of the below products only relate to Pouf covers and cushion covers, due to shipping reasons it's much cheaper for our customers to source their own fillings.

Large Yellow Floor Cushion

At Eyes of India, we are very proud to source and supply this Rajkoti cushion Cover. This cushion cover has been made with vintage fabrics which have been collected from wedding dresses, lenghas, as well as saris. These materials are then applied to a cotton backing, with each piece representing a truly unique, and one of a kind cushion cover. No two products are the same, and all have been handmade by skilled artisans in Rajasthan India.

Round Khambadia Floor Cushion

This fantastic, unique Round Floor Cushion is available in a ton of styles and colors. Like the cushion above, it has been lovingly made from vintage wedding dresses, saris and lenghas which have been applied on a cotton background. No two pieces of material used are the same, making each cushion cover one of a kind. All of these cushions are handmade in Barmer, India to meticulously high standards.

Mandala Square Floor Pillow

This screen printed square floor pillow, has been created in the traditional Mandala style which heavily dominates both our tapestry and cushion designs. Again, handmade by artisans this time in the Sanganer region of India this cushion provides a cool, Boho seating solution perfect for any styles of interior.

Small Blue Boho Pouf

Sourced from the local villages surrounding Rajasthan in India, this handmade Pouf is completely unique. It has been created in the traditional Khambadiya methods using vintage materials such as wedding dresses, which are then applied on a cotton background. Because each piece of material is truly unique, these products cannot be replicated and each one boasts an entirely unique design. It's a comfortable seating option, as well as focal point for your home.

Black Boho Embroidered Meditation Pillow

Another fantastic product coming from the Barmer district of Rajasthan, this black floor cushion cover boasts an unbelievable amount of Boho flair. The black works incredibly well with all styles of interior, with colors being added with the addition of fabrics on top of the black background. The piece can be seen below, in a fantastic Bohemian Room.

Round Green Boho Floor Cushion

Again showcasing the traditional Khambadia style a collection of vintage fabrics have been applied carefully onto a cotton background, in order to create a truly unique Indian floor cushion. Handmade by artisans in Barmer, India. This approach ensures that the product you receive is completely unique, is of the highest standard. Purchasing from Eyes of India is also an easy way of helping preserve India's arts and crafts industry.

Boho Floor Cushions & Poufs at Eyes of India

At Eyes of India, we have over 100 designs of cushions and poufs in stock. All are as unique as the product showcased above, and all have been handmade in various regions across India. All are purchased by us, from local suppliers at fair prices which help ensure that local artisans are paid what they deserve, for their excellent and unique products.

You can view the full range, here.

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