Indian Decor - 4 Essential Tips & Tricks

Indian Decor - 4 Essential Tips & Tricks

November 15, 2017

Choosing an Indian Decor for your home is one of the most beautiful interior design choices anybody can make. Typically in Indian decor - exotic pieces and vibrant colors clash with one another, all whilst looking beautiful. Art on the wall complements comfortable, informal floor seating areas, whilst even the dullest furniture is given a unique lift with the use of decorative handles. Below, we share some of our tips and some of our very own products, which help you easily and cost effectively create your dream Indian and Bohemian interior.

Vibrant Colors

For thousands of years, Indian artisans have used natural dyes and colorings to create stunning pieces. One of our Favorite Indian Decor color schemes is the earthy colors which have been created from natural dyes and colorings. These colors, which includes yellows and browns create a natural feeling interior. 

By far the easiest way to inject vibrant colors and designs into any room is through the use of a Tapestry.  Tapestries are one of the most versatile products we sell, and as well as being fantastic in covering up bare walls and ceilings, can also be used as bedding and sofa throws.

Here is one of our Favorites, in the aforementioned natural 'earthy' colors we love so much.

Transform Furniture

Even the most boring, old furniture can be given a refresh with the use of Indian Decorative Knobs.

Such furniture can be one of the biggest obstacles between you and your dream Indian interior, and these knobs provide a fantastic way to inject color and design, whilst saving you money against replacing tired furniture. Without doubt our most popular, and our Favorite collection is Ceramic Knobs. All have been designed and hand painted in Bagru in India and all are the result of a painstaking manufacturing process. First, the artisan mixes green glass, quartz, gum, salt and fuller's earth to form Egyptian Clay. The clay is then glazed and low fired in small furnaces, they are then removed and hand painted. This process ensures that you receive something truly unique, no two pieces are the same.

These knobs are used across the home, in everything from Bathrooms to Kitchens.

Informal Seating

An Indian themed home, centres on informal spaces that encourage people to people interaction. Whether it's scattered pillows and cushions on comfy sofas, or floor pillows and low tables designed for mealtimes and socialising, cushions can be used liberally and as well as providing an incredibly comfortable place to park yourself, are an excellent way of injecting color and design into any room.

Cushions and pillows are most commonly used in bedrooms and living rooms, creating a room which is centred on relaxation and equality. At Eyes of India, we love patchwork and floor pillows which used bold colors such as blues and reds. The below is just one of our personal Favorites:


The Rug industry in India is one of the oldest in the world. For thousands of years, highly skilled Artisans have created rugs which have been used in some of the world's most elaborate palaces and temples. Today, the rug making industry in India is enjoying a resurgence and we pride ourselves on supplying a beautiful range of rugs, all of which have been handmade using traditional techniques in the Jaipur region of India. At Eyes of India, we believe that bolder is the better when it comes to choosing rugs, and we absolutely love this bright & colorful Chindi Rag Rug, which has been made from recycled materials.

Indian Decor at Eyes of India

At Eyes of India we pride ourselves on matching our customers with handmade and handpicked interior goods from India. All of which have been purchased from Artisans at an excellent and fair price for all.

All of our products have been chosen because they provide the perfect way to create your dream Bohemian and Indian interior, so if you have any questions on how best to use them, or can't see the exact product you are looking for, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

You can learn more about us here.

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