Boho Pillows: Uses, Favourites & Best Seller

Boho Pillows: Uses, Favourites & Best Seller

November 07, 2017

Boho Pillows are some of our favourite products here at Eyes of India (as well as being some of our best sellers!!) The reason we love them so much is down to the sheer variety of shapes, colors, materials and designs available within the range. There's the perfect Boho pillow for everybody, and something for every home. No two designs are exactly alike, and all are handmade by Artisans in India using methods which have remained the same for hundreds of years. All in all, Boho pillows are a brilliant way of adding Bohemian style and flair into your home.

Customers buy Boho Pillows for a variety of reasons, and their versatility means that they can be used across the home. Whilst some customers use them on their bed to create a Bohemian paradise, others use them to add an extra layer of design and comfort to a sofa, whilst others use them to brighten up utilitarian spaces such as kitchens & dinner tables. Below, we run through some of our favourites from the range

Embroidered Pillows

All of our Embroidered Boho Pillows have been hand embroidered and designed by Artisans in India, following centuries old designs these pillows vary from intricate and delicate designs right across to bright and vivid styles. All are made from the highest quality materials. Typically, they are available in cushion sizes, and larger floor cushion sizes. One of our favourite designs from the collection is the Blue Mirror Boho Cushion. Bedecked with Mirrors, this 'Pakka' cushion cover has been handmade in Jaipur, and with the use of mirrors adds sparkle into any room.

Chindi Pillows

Chindi Pillows are the ultimate Boho accessory for your home. Featuring a striped design, they are made by combining scraps of many different types of fabrics. Visually stunning, and kind to the environment they are perfect for layering on beds and sofas. Our range of Chindi Pillows are all handmade in Jaipur, and one of our favourite designs is the Yellow Chindi Sofa Cushion.  The colors in this cushion are simply stunning.

Lumbar Pillows

Lumbar Pillows are an excellent addition to chairs, sofas and beds. Providing excellent levels of comfort and support to the lower back, they also feature beautiful Boho designs in a range of colors schemes. All of these lumbar pillows are handmade, and one of the most beautiful in our opinion is the Green & Purple Swati Lumbar Pillow. This pillow finishes off any bedding perfectly.

Velvet Pillows

Velvet is one of the most luxurious materials we come across here at Eyes of India, and our artisan craftsmen do an excellent job in using Velvet to create a range of luxurious Boho pillows, perfect for the home. They simply explode with texture, with the soft velvet feeling brilliant against the skin. All are handmade, and are available in a massive array of designs. The stock levels of these pillows is always changing, and each piece is truly unique. One of our favourites is this highly decorative and colorful velvet pillow.

Brocade Cushions

These Brocade Cushions are sourced from Artisans in Varanasi, India. These decorative throw cushions layer boho style into any room, whilst glimmering with animals and symbols such as Elephants, Peacocks, Flowers and more. One of the most colorful within the range is this Colorful Kantha Brocade Cushion. It oozes color, charm and sophistication.

Boho Pillows at Eyes of India

At Eyes of India, we work with local artisans in India to create our unique range of Boho Pillows. A lot of these products are truly one of a kind, and in using us you are helping ensure the future of arts and crafts in India. If you have any questions about this product range, or can't see the exact product you are looking for then please do get in touch and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can find the link to our full range of Boho Pillows below.

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