Boho Rugs: Types, Uses & Our Favourites

Boho Rugs: Types, Uses & Our Favourites

October 01, 2017

At Eyes of India, we are proud to supply a range of Boho Rugs - all of which have been designed and handmade in India by skills Artisans who have learnt their craft from skills passed down through generations spanning thousands of years. As well as representing excellent value for money, these unique pieces are fantastic additions to any interior, be it contemporary or traditional. Adding important color into bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and hallways.

Typified by their bright colors and bold patterns, Boho Rugs enrich an interior and add an element of charm into any home. The materials used within these rugs include cotton, silk, grass and wool. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Below we run through some of our most popular types of Rugs and have a look at some of our personal favourites from each collection.

Chindi Rag Rugs

These colorful rugs are designed and handmade in the most unique way, ensuring that each piece is fantastically unique. All are made from combining scraps of materials of many different types of fabric, environmentally friendly these rugs radiate a fantastic hippie vibe. One of our personal favourites, and one of our best sellers is the Green Chindi Woven Rug. This rug looks fantastic in Bohemian interiors, especially next to Tapestries and Bohemian Cushions.

Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs add a fantastic, natural and colorful element into any home. Constructed from Jute, a natural grass like plant which is grown in India, not only are these rugs environmentally friendly – they also look fantastic and provide an excellent floor covering. Customers use these rugs in rooms across the home, however they are best used away from water and moisture because of their natural composition, so we recommend that they are not used in bathrooms. Again, these rugs are handmade in the Jaipur region of India by craftsmen who have learnt their skills through generations. A number of designs are available, with one of our favourite being the Colorful Chindi Braided Jute Rug. It fills any space with texture and color, and looks brilliant partnered with other Eyes of India products.

Overdyed Rugs

The process which goes into each overdyed rug is fantastic, and truly unique to India. The process is applied to a rug with an existing pattern, and involves bleaching, dyeing, and hand washing the rug repeatedly. The result of this is a carpet full of color, in which the original pattern is still visible.  

These rugs are again fantastic used across the home, and radiate bohemianism. Below is one of our favourites, which boasts etched wooden block stamped patterns on the surface. Sourced directly from the craftsmen, it's brought to you at a brilliant but fair price for all.

Dhurrie Print Rugs

Last but not least, Dhurrie Rugs. These rugs are our bestselling range at Eyes of India by far – and are one of India’s most famous exports. These rugs are hand stamped by skilled artisans using hand carved wooden blocks, which have often been handed down through generations. These stamps are applied to the Dhurrie Weave, a time consuming process which provides guaranteed an excellent, and completely unique pattern. One of our favourites boasts a vibrant, blue design.

Bohemian Rugs at Eyes of India

At Eyes of India, we have been sourcing, designing and producing a range of beautiful items in India since 2008. A huge part of our business, we focus on bridging the link between handcrafted rugs in India to the international market place via our website.

If you have any questions about the Boho Rugs which can be found across our site, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can view our full range of Boho Rugs here:





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