Floor Pillows: Types, Uses & Favourites

Floor Pillows: Types, Uses & Favourites

September 22, 2017

If you are looking to add both style and comfort to your home, particularly a Bohemian style then Floor Pillows are a fantastic option. As well as providing the perfect place for socialising and relaxing with friends, floor pillows are equally great for studying and reading alone. The bold designs and colors are also perfectly suited to a wider range of Bohemian pillows and cushions across your home. Below, we look at some of the benefits of Floor Pillows, different types of floor pillows and a few of our personal favourites.

Health Benefits of Floor Pillows

In cultures across the world, sitting on the floor is normal during most activities. So whether it's reading, watching TV, socialising or studying it's all done on Floor Pillows. You see, whilst most of us have accepted beds, sofas and chairs, the reality is that sitting on the floor is much better for our health. It naturally improves our posture, avoiding the inevitable slouching from lounging around on sofas. This improves strength and flexibility, which in turn improves your ability to stand up from sitting on the floor, which is a key indicator of life expectancy.

Casual Dining with Floor Pillows

As mentioned, many cultures eat on the floor. Just a few floor cushions placed around a low table makes the perfect informal dining room, full of charm. Small and Large dinner parties are fantastic in this format, and creates a fantastic chilled out vibe for your friends to enjoy. Don't think this is just confined to indoors either, a lot of our customers create fantastic spaces in their garden with floor pillows, allowing al fresco dining.

Extra Seating

Floor Pillows, although excellent when used every day are an excellent source of extra seating during busy times for your home. Storage is simple too, the excellent designs they feature mean that they look brilliant just piled in a corner of a room.


Meditation is the perfect way to unwind, and relax after a long day. Used for thousands of years to cure all kinds of physical and mental ailments, our meditation cushions provide the most comfortable base for your meditation, supporting your back and posture as well as boasting a beautiful design and bold colors.

To view our full range of Meditation Cushions, click here.

Floor Pillows at Eyes of India

At Eyes of India, we are proud to supply online a wide range of Bohemian Floor Pillows, perfect for Bohemian Interiors. All of our Floor Pillows are designed, and handmade in India by craftsmen who have learnt their skills through generation, the most traditional methods are used which provides a product of excellent quality, and uniqueness. Below are some of our bestselling ranges:

Dhurrie Floor Pillows

Made from hand loomed fabric, these Dhurrie Floor Pillows are handcrafted in the Rajasthan region of India. Taking inspiration from Moroccan designs, these pillows feature dazzling combinations of colors and textures, which compliment any room.

Mandala Floor Pillows

Mandala Floor Pillows look excellent on their own, or as part of larger group of cushions. All of these Floor Pillows feature Elephants, an incredibly important symbol in Indian culture. All have been sourced from the Jaipur region of India and have been handcrafted meaning you can own something truly unique.

Embroidered Floor Pillows

Embroidered Floor Pillows look absolutely stunning, and so they should. Indian craftsmen work hard, and spend hours in perfecting these designs which feature embroidered patterns on a cotton base. They look beautiful in any room, and are one of our bestselling ranges.

If you have any questions about our range of Floor Pillows or their uses, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can view our full range here.

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