Boho Bedding: Types, Uses & Favourites

Boho Bedding: Types, Uses & Favourites

September 16, 2017

The Bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in any home, representing your interests, tastes and not constrained with conforming to anybody else’s idea of interior design – this personal space provides the perfect place to create your dream Bohemian interior. To help you achieve the dream bedroom interior, we supply a number of products which are perfectly suited to bedroom, from Bohemian Tapestries to Hand Painted Ceramic Knobs, the range also includes a range of Boho Bedding & Quilts.

Kantha Quilts & Throws

Kantha Quilts & Throws are the perfect accessory in any bedroom. Adding bold colors and unique patterns to any style of bedroom, these throws are the perfect extra layer to your bedding during the colder months, and also serve as a quilt during the warmer months, providing a light and cool bedding option. Kantha Throws are incredibly bright and vibrant, making them an excellent choice for those looking to inject color into a room. A wide range of patterns and colors are available and all are handmade in India.

The below link includes some of our favourite designs to choose from:

Mandala Bedding

Mandala Bedding is a very popular choice with our customers, and a lot of these products can also be used as tapestries and wall hangings – making them some of the most versatile pieces we sell. As usually, all are handmade in India and represent the ultimate in Boho, chic bedroom interiors. The Mandala design on circles, ensuring these bright, complex and stunning designs all have a centre point. One of our personal favourites is the Star Mandala Bedspread.

This stunning piece was screen printed and handmade in Sanganer, an artisan village just south of Jaipur. The stunning design and excellent quality of this piece ensures it has a purpose across the home.

Tree of Life Bedspreads

Commonplace in many cultures and religions, the Tree of Life represents our own connection with nature, the earth and the sky. The Tree of Life represents many different things to each person, and as such is available in a massive range of designs. Bedding represents the perfect way to add the Tree of Life into your home, and these versatile and beautiful pieces are perfect used across the home.

One of the most beautiful in our opinion is the Elephant Tie Dye Tree of Life Bedspread available in single and double sizes.  Available in limited in numbers, this piece showcases the very finest of handmade Indian crafts.

Sun & Moon Bedspreads

Representing both day & night, Sun & Moon Bedspreads are one of our most popular ranges. As well as featuring the beautifully designed moon, who represents the ruler of emotions – the Sun is featured and represents the ruler of intellect and truth. All of our Sun & Moon Bedspreads combine traditional mythology with stunning designs. All are handmade in the Jaipur region of India and are available in limited numbers.

The below is one of our favourite pieces, and is available in both twin and single sizes.

Elephant Bedspreads

An important part of Indian culture, a huge amount of effort has been given to giving Elephants pride of place in the textile industry. As such, they feature heavily in our range of bedspreads and bedding. A massive range of Elephant bedspreads are available and these pieces proudly continue hundreds years of handmade tradition.

The below colorful piece is one of our personal favourites, and of course showcases everything which the textile industry in India has to offer.

Boho Bedding at Eyes of India

At Eyes of India, we are proud to represent a number of individual craftsmen across India, who work hard to bring the most unique bohemian products to market. Bohemian Bedding is an important part of our business, and to learn more about how to create the perfect bohemian bedroom, you can read the following blog.

If you have any questions about any of these products, please get in touch. Alternatively, click here to view the full range of bedding and bedspreads.

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