Meditation: 7 Tips & Techniques

Meditation: 7 Tips & Techniques

July 22, 2017

The benefits of meditation are well known. Meditation is most famous for helping with a wide range of mental health issues, and has become known for promoting a calmer, more concentrated mind. Meditations benefits in dealing with depression and anxiety is well documented, helping lower levels of anxiety and depression whilst bringing about a number of physical benefits. Physical benefits of meditation include lowering blood pressure, helping eliminate any tension related pain, as well as improving the immune system.

Right now, you are probably thinking just like we did a few years ago – yeah, meditation sounds good – but how am I supposed to fit meditation in between my hectic lifestyle? Even if I do find the time, how am I supposed to do it correctly?

To help answer the above questions, we have put together 10 simple tips and tricks helping you enjoy and reap the benefits of meditation, whilst fitting it around your lifestyle. 

Find the Time

The most important element of any Meditation is finding the time to actually dedicate to it! It needn't take hours either, just a few minutes each day can be enough to realise the benefits. Many people (us included) choose to meditate just before bed. As well as acting as a ‘technology’ detox, this really helps rid the stresses of the day and promote relaxation. Meaning you can say goodbye to sleepless nights.

As you become more comfortable with meditation, you can begin to increase the time you spend meditating gradually.

Find Your Special Place

Location is an incredibly important element of meditating. Even the most experience meditators would struggle finding their inner peace, in a room which has screaming kids, a blaring TV and a ringing telephone. Find a quiet area of your home, ask those who you live with to respect this time by keeping noise and disturbances to a minimum.

To enhance the experience and contribute to a feeling of occasion – many people choose to create a shrine or have a part of their house, specifically designed to promote relaxation. Tapestries are a great way to heighten the senses and style such an area. Below is a customer photo which features on of our tapestries, which in our opinion is the perfect for meditation.

Cushions and rugs are also perfect to use in these areas. All of these products we supply are handmade by Artisans in India.

Get Comfortable

Whilst the romantic visions of meditation probably involve hard floors, there's no reason to subject yourself to the joint pain and discomfort that meditating on a hard floor can cause. We noticed a lot of our customers purchasing our fantastic floor cushions to meditate on, and have created a meditation category ourselves.

Pay Attention to Your Breathing

It's important to breathe naturally as you meditate. Almost bursting your lungs with deep breaths doesn't achieve anything. Instead, just concentrate on each and every breath you take. Your breathing should be the only thing on your mind… which leads us nicely onto how to deal with unwanted emotions & thoughts.

Emotions & Thoughts

When you are sat quiet, unwanted thoughts and emotions can creep into your mind, leaving you feeling tense. Treat these thoughts like you would an unwelcome visitor, simply ask them to leave and refer back to concentrating on your breathing. It often helps to count each breath in and out. ‘One’ each time you inhale, ‘Two’ each time you exhale.

Keep it Quiet

There's a lot of meditation music around, which can be fantastic for drowning out background noise. We do however, prefer to meditate in silence. Only then do we really feel that we are at one with ourselves, with all outside interference blocked.


The most important part of meditating is enjoyment. Meditation isn't about subjecting yourself to a harsh routine – it's about relaxing and taking time out of your day, our last little hint is to crack a smile when meditating.


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