How to Design & Create a Bohemian Bathroom

How to Design & Create a Bohemian Bathroom

July 06, 2017

Bohemian Designs are becoming an increasingly popular choice in decorating bathrooms. The Bohemian style is naturally very relaxing and sensual, so is perfectly matched to a bathroom designed for unwinding and relaxing. This article will show you how to easily, quickly and inexpensively add Bohemian Chic into your bathroom and in the process, help you create something really unique.

Bohemian Fittings

The knobs, hooks and handles of your bathroom furniture can easily be exchanged and replaced with Bohemian counterparts.

Wall Hooks are also available and are perfect for hanging Bath Robes.

If you are looking to add a decadent touch to your bathroom, then our Brass Lion Animal Door Handles, make the perfect option – and are available in a range of colors.

Wall Sculptures also look brilliant in bathrooms, our favourite is the Naga Serpent Brass Wall Ornament. Nagas originate in Hinduism, and are thought to dwell in water, from oceans to mountain springs – so will look and feel right at home in a bathroom.


Plants make everything better. There are a number of plants which thrive in the unique conditions of a bathroom, and we love seeing Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Begonia, Orchids, Peace Lily and Spider Plants indoors. Combined with our products, which are often made from natural materials and feature nature in their designs – plants really enhance the inside space.

Mix Textures

The wonderful bathroom below combines wood, concrete, tiles and panelling and looks great in the process. It's important not to worry if everything matches – it's not supposed to!

Your Bohemian Bathroom

Remember that your bathroom is your space, and that you don’t have any ‘norms’ to conform to when creating a Bohemian space. Your bathroom design can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be – so if you want a minimalist bathroom with just a few bohemian influences – great. If you want a full Bohemian bathroom filled with vibrant colors and designs – even better!

We are currently looking for photographs of our products used in Bohemian Bathroom – so if you have any, please get in touch!
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