How to Create a Bohemian Living Room

How to Create a Bohemian Living Room

May 10, 2017

If you love the look of Bohemian Interiors but aren't exactly sure how to ‘orderly’ deploy all that randomness to create a Bohemian interior which will work in your home, don’t worry – you aren't alone. A lot of our customers get in touch with us to discuss their ideas for specific rooms, so we thought we would run a blog series on bohemian interiors across all of the rooms found within the home. Keen readers of the blog will remember the last post, which covered how to create a bohemian bedroom.  This post however, deals with living rooms. Firstly, creating a Bohemian Living Room means giving visitors to your home a bold insight into your unique personality.  In having created a space which hints at endless opportunities and possibilities and using materials and goods from all over the world, you can create a completely unique and eclectic interior.

Bohemian Living Room Furniture

The good news is, creating a Bohemian living room doesn't mean throwing out your existing furniture. You can cleverly deploy blankets and throws to completely change the style of your existing furniture. The added bonus is the fact that blankets and throws either help keep your sofa in pristine condition or help cover it up if it's tired! At Eyes of India, we stock and supply a massive range of Bohemian Blankets & Throws, meaning that all you have to choose is the color and pattern you love the most.

So that’s the existing furniture, quite literally covered, but what about extra seating? Well, extra ‘furniture’ and seating is perfectly catered for by our range of Bohemian Poufs & Floor Cushions. These products lend themselves perfectly to creating the tranquil and relaxing environment you are aiming for, they are brilliant for socializing too, offering comfortable seating for any visitors. Again, there are so many designs available – choosing one is simply down to personal preference.

Artwork & Wall Art

This truly is an area in which you should let your mind run wild. Choose unique and hand crafted wall tapestries and wall hangings and place them where everyone can enjoy and admire them. Don’t be scared to try different combinations of artwork either, we find that old paintings set the scene perfectly in Bohemian living rooms. So keep your eyes open!

Some of our best-selling tapestries are Mandala Tapestries and Elephant Tapestries. All of which are hand produced by artisans in Jaipur.


In the interest of enjoying and utilizing different fabrics, colors and styles – rugs play an important part in creating the ultimate Bohemian interior. Jute rugs make some of the biggest statements, they are made from a natural grass like plant in India and add an exotic texture to any living room. Handcrafted in Jaipur, they are eco-friendly and extremely durable, making these rugs perfect for use in high traffic areas.


Bohemian interiors look the best when lit by warm and deep lighting. Scour local charity shops and antique shops for lights which help give your room the vintage look. Using different color lampshades can add extra colors into your room, think about reds, blues, greens and oranges.

Little Touches

Quite often, it’s the little accessories that can make the greatest difference to a room. Some of our best selling products include our range of hooks, knobs and handles. Simply swapping your old knobs off cupboards and storage units really makes all the difference and adds a touch of class and charm to a room. Coat Hooks and Wall Hooks also add atmosphere and useful storage.

Mix, not Match

Remember not to worry too much about how your room is brought together. The individual styles and colours are meant to contrast with one another, contributing to a more layered room. Simply choose what you like, and your room will represent exactly who you are.

Here at Eyes of India, we have created a business connecting the world to the handmade product of Artisans in India, bringing you exclusive products direct from the craftsmen. If you have any questions about how to create your boho interior, or questions about any of our products – please do just get in touch.



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