How to Create a Bohemian Garden

How to Create a Bohemian Garden

May 22, 2017

At Eyes of India we are very proud to have a true international customer base, serving all continents, we understand that for some of our customers that it may be difficult to imagine placing some interior products, outside in the elements. However the better (and drier) spring and summer months allow you the opportunity to create a magical, bohemian space in your garden easily and quickly, which can be protected from the wind and the rain.

Bohemian Gardens are overflowing with colors, patterns and positive energy and all this can be achieved with very little effort. In using just a few products, you can create you special tranquil place, perfect for both relaxing and socialising.

Most commonly, Bohemian Garden are best created on hard standing areas such as decking and patios. Better still, when created under canopies and porches, you don’t even have to worry about the rain! There aren’t any rules however, so create something unique.

Flowers & Plants

A Bohemian Garden is only as beautiful as the plants and nature within it, so ensure that plenty of plants, trees and flowers are planted. Remember, a bohemian garden doesn’t have to be orderly so choose Flora & Flauna that you like and enjoy seeing it grow and develop.

A really nice touch involves wrapping trees in fairy lights or adorning them with lanterns, providing brilliant, romantic lighting which really created a beautiful atmosphere and chilled out vibes.


Much in the same way that we have told you to be adventurous with the contents of your garden, do not be scared in using things you have around the home to enhance your garden, remember that even the oldest items can be accessorised by bohemian products to create something beautiful.

Old tables, chairs and sofas all make fantastic additions, especially when customised with Throws, Cushions and Tapestries.

Cushions & Pillows

Perfect for patios and decking, as well as all that recycled furniture, Bohemian Pillows & Cushions are a fundamental part of any Bohemian space. As an added bonus, they are also very comfortable, helping you make the most of those balmy summer evenings with friends.

Floor Cushions are an incredibly popular choice for gardens and outdoor spaces. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns – so the world is your oyster in choosing what suits you.

Quilts & Bedding

Excellent for extending the evening, quilts and throws help keep you warm when the mercury begins to dip, allowing you to enjoy more of the twilight hours. Again, the broad range of designs and colors available means that that you can base your decision simply on personal preference!


Enhance your patio, decking and outside areas with a rug. Providing an important addition of style and color, these rugs are perfect for using outdoors in covered spaces and around dining areas. Highly durable, we would always recommend a Jute Rug. These natural fibre rugs are designed and handmade in our Jaipur premises and are eco-friendly and extremely durable.  

Tapestries & Throws

Ideal for decorating walls, furniture and even for making a quirky table cloth – tapestries and throws mark the ultimate in bohemian design. In creating a centre point from one of these masterpieces, every other single element of your design makes perfect sense. These statement pieces are available in an almost infinite range of designs, styles color and patterns and are all handcrafted the traditional way, by artisan craftsmen in India.


Providing extra seating doesn’t get much more bohemian and unique than a Kantha Ottoman. Again, available in a wide range of patterns, colors and designs. These relaxing seating options are perfect for casual, chilled out get-togethers.

Go Create!

What are you waiting for? Get some inspiration and get out there and create your dream Bohemian Garden space, keep us posted with your progress and remember when creating bohemian spaces, there are no rules!


Eyes of India


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