How to Create a Bohemian Bedroom in 6 Easy Steps

How to Create a Bohemian Bedroom in 6 Easy Steps

May 02, 2017

The word Bohemian has long since been used to describe those who lived a non traditional lifestyle, those who challenged the norm and weren't afraid to express themselves. One of the most Bohemian times in history was the 1960's, with its hippy movement. The chilled out, relaxed and colorful themes of Bohemian interiors that flourished in this period haven't left us since.

One of the biggest draws of Bohemian interiors for our customers all over the world is the noticeable lack of design guidelines, every expression and personality can be represented in the fusion of colors and materials available in thousands of different ways.  Whilst this personal expressionism is one of the biggest draws of a Bohemian interior, for many, it can be difficult to envisage a bohemian interior and how it can work in your home. 

To help you achieve the perfect Bohemian Interiors, we have started a series of blogs which focus on each room in the home. Instead of instructing you exactly how to style a room – we simply highlight the ranges and collection of products which our customers love, and which you can use.

Tapestries & Wall Hangings

Creating the perfect centerpiece in any Bohemian Bedroom, large Bohemian Tapestries & Wall Hangings are available in a huge range of styles and colors. Naturally, their use isn't just confined to decorating your wall either. Bohemian Tapestries lend themselves perfectly as sofa throws, bed spreads and large beach blankets. One of our most popular Tapestries is the Mandala style tapestries, all of which area created by Indian Artisans.

Pillows, lot of pillows

Whilst we did mentioned no rules, in our opinion - no Bohemian Bedroom is properly dressed without at least seven pillows on the bed. Adding both texture, comfort and colour into a bedroom, all of our Bohemian Cushions are made by Indian Artisans and as such are truly unique. All of these pillows are made in limited numbers which contain both new and recycled fabrics. Browse the full range here, and remember that ‘the more the merrier’

Floor Cushions

The perfect extra seating for your Bohemian Bedroom, Bohemian Floor Cushions & Ottomans provide a stylish seating solution which feature the very finest designs, materials and fabrics.


Bohemian Bedspreads were mentioned further up in this post for one simple reason, Bohemian Bedding and Bedspreads are pretty essential! One of the most popular collections within this range is Sun & Moon Bedspreads. As always, they are available in a wide range of shapes, colours, sizes and all are hand crafted by Indian Artisans.


Helping decorate, protect and fill your bedroom floor space, our range of Bohemian Rugs are another essential item for any Bohemian room. This range of rugs don’t get much more Bohemian either, handcrafted by Indian Artisans – our rugs are designed and created in Jaipur. The Chindi Rugs within the range are made up of scraps of different fabrics, including cotton, silk and wool.

Knobs, Hooks & Handles

Some of the smallest elements of a Bohemian Interior lay in the smallest details. That's where our range of Knobs, Hooks and Handles come in. Replacing your existing handles is a relatively simple task you will be surprised at the impact these little changes make. Some of the most popular products within this range include, Ceramic Cabinet Knobs & Handles.

Now it’s your turn…

If you like what you have read, go ahead and transform your Bedroom into a Bohemian Bedroom. The colours and styles may seem random at times, but random is the name of the game. Open your mind and see what you can create, and as always – if you have any questions or need some inspiration, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Remember, once your room is complete – please do send us your pics.

Eyes of India was founded in 2008 by an American couple with a love for India’s arts, crafts and culture, as well as Bohemian Interiors and designs. All of the products on this site have been made in India by traditional Indian Artisans. Products across the site include Mandala and Elephant Tapestries, Embroidered Pillows, Patchwork Floor Cushions and Kantha Quilts.


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