Plain and Simple: Scatter Cushions

Plain and Simple: Scatter Cushions

March 09, 2017

Scatter cushions, a specialty of Eyes of India, are one of the most versatile and functional home accessories available, they come in so many styles and shapes and colors and can enhance any room. But as there are so many options it is easily possible to become overwhelmed by your options and overdo it.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to make the process simpler:

Choose your color scheme:

Cushions that match your couch are just awful (identical ones that probably came with your couch) as they tend to blend in and just make your couch or sofa look lumpy. A good place to start choosing your color scheme is by taking inspiration from other decorative elements in your home, your curtains, a painting, even an ornament are a good place to start. You can also use online color swatches to help you decide.

Contrasting colors, if done correctly, can really make a statement, but if you are looking for a more neutral and calming palette use colors of a similar hue. Remember that colors can invoke an emotive response. A few solid color or plain cushions in bright and bold colors can add a sense of playfulness to your décor, and are right on trend.

Choose your style

The style you are going for, beyond the color palate, will determine the number of cushions you use, how they are distributed and what feeling you want a certain space to invoke. There is a theory that odd and even number of pillows correlate to a traditional (even) or modern (odd) styles, but it is also about personal preference and the number of sofas in your home.

Selecting your cushions

Finally, The fun part! First, choose your plain solid color cushions in your chosen color scheme and then add complimenting textural and patterned ones for visual stimulation.

Eyes of India have an extremely extensive range of plain color cushions and pillows in a large variety of colors, from a sunny yellow to a deep burgundy, and sizes. The Plain color pillows are made from the finest quality cotton with a durable back zipper enclosure for easy removal.

The best part of this whole process is that you can easily edit your space by rotating the cushions to other areas or, if you like, add to it with even more cushions. Happy decorating!

Eyes of India


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