Taking a Glimpse of Indian Culture

Taking a Glimpse of Indian Culture

May 17, 2016

Cultural traditions make each country unique to others. As each has its own unique culture, India is nothing different. You can discover a rich culture of music, dancing, and the elegant use of costumes that make them distinctive. In fact, Indian culture is often branded as a combination of different cultures. Moreover, they are influenced by a rich history spanning across several millennia.

Immersing in the Magic of Indian Music

Their music has been an integral part of their culture. They have been creating relatively indulging blends of music that stem from several thousand years ago. This can be well observed as they kept artifacts that support these claims.

The magical experience of listening to their brand of music is definitely incomparable because it provides a sense of charm that only lovers of Indian culture can appreciate. They are also updated with the richness of modern music, such as varieties of classical, folk, pop, popular, and religious.

Awe-Inspiring Mix of Dancing and Festivities

It is in the Indian culture that you can experience their love for the art of dance. In fact, it serves as an expression that depicts inner beauty and man’s divinity. Each movement tends to communicate ideas and each facial expression denotes emotions.

Although India has a unique culture, it is comprised of multiple cultures and religions. So they celebrate different festivities uniquely with respect for various beliefs. Overwhelmingly, their love for national culture is shown on how they dress up. The way they make their own weaved or embroidered clothing simply depicts how deeply they are rooted to their culture.

Understanding the Indian Clothing

Indian males have a traditional clothing known as the dhoti, which is a piece of unstitched cloth that reaches up to five yards long. This piece of long cloth is often tied around the legs and the waist. Additionally, they wear a loose shirt known as the kurta, which is worn at knee length. Meanwhile, for special occasions, the men would wear a long coat known as the sherwani, which is buttoned up from the knees to the collar. If you see a person with this type of clothing, then you shouldn’t be surprised because it is how they love to preserve their culture by wearing the said outfit.

On the other hand, India’s female often show the richness of its culture which can be identified with display of vibrant silk saris. This piece of cloth are known to be the most elegant. In fact, one of the center for Indian fashion is situated in Mumbai. The style of wearing clothing in India are different among male and female. This is being followed in various rural areas but some changes were done in some locations. A long skirt will be used by girls combined with a short blouse also known as the choli on top of it.

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