Indian Miniature Painting

Indian Miniatures and Mughal Art Paintings

Spice up your Indian home decoration by adding High quality Indian miniature paintings, Rajasthani paintings, Mughal art, Hindu art and more! The Indian miniature has long captured the rich history and culture of India.

The miniature painting from India emerged from the influence of Mughal art. Be it a Rajasthani painting of remote village gathering, a Mughal art portrait of a Mughal emperor, or a painting of traditional Indian birds and other animals, Indian miniature paintings imbue a sense of beauty, mystery and intrigue in every detail.Browse our large range of Indian miniature paintings that have long captured the rich history and Indian culture.

We also offer a wide range of Indian home decoration items including Indian tapestries, floor pillows, floor cushion, pouffes and Indian bedspread. Add a few paintings and some Indian pillows to spice up your Indian home decoration!

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