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Eyes of India is an expertly curated online shop selling an eclectic selection of Indian home decor crafted by artisans in small villages and cities across India.

Since 2008, we have been sourcing, designing and producing the most beautiful and mesmerizing Indian textiles and crafts to make up our line of bohemian decor. Our website features an extensive selection of Indian home furnishings, including a wide selection of mandala tapestries, floor pillows, embroidered cushions, kantha quilts, ceramic knobs and brass door handles. Our goal is to make the radiant beauty of eastern designs available to homes all over the world.

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Giving Your Home a Touch of Indian Elegance

Maybe you're a big fan of Bollywood films and adore the intricately decorated houses you see in the movie. Or perhaps you've been to India, fallen in love with it and now want to infuse your home with the essence of the country so you'll always be reminde

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Jan 06, 2016

A basic guide to Indian handmade crafts

For hundreds of years, crafted items were considered to be part of the secrets within certain communities who didn?t want to share their knowledge with outsiders.

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Jan 02, 2016

Things You Might Not Know About India

There are some things that many people outside India don?t know and these things are worth mentioning. That?s why we have created a short list of things you (probably) don?t know about India.

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Dec 15, 2015

Eyes of India


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